Organizer: Ellen Os

Jon Tombre - "Wolf Wolf"

PREMIERE 13th OCT 2005

”WOLF, WOLF” is a performance for the very small, between 1-3 years of age.We meet with a nice, but silly duck.
High up in a three a little bird is singing. He is bored. While a sly and sneaky cat is slinking in the grass.
Suddenly comes the greedy and hungry WOLF, WOLF, WOLVES.

Terje Tjøme Mossige - dancer
Ulf Nilseng - dancer

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Un-Magritt Nordseth - "Ooujeeih!"



A strange dance-fable starts in a nest...
a visual dancefairytale with glittering dancers and sparkling music.
Oou! Jee! Ih!

Kathrine Tolo - setdesign and costumes
Snelle Hall - dancer
Siri Jøntvedt - dancer

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Karstein Solli - "See my Dress"..."


Maybe it happens
to hear
the sound of NOTHING
in huge and mighty silence.
"See my dress" dance to double-saw, blow-fish and butter-bass?

For you
dressed up at noon.
Marianne Skjeldal - dancer
Eivind Reierstad - visual artist
Svein Ove Kirkhorn - costume design
Johannes Bergmark - musician and instrument maker

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Organizers: Anne-Francoise Cabanis (fr)
Marie-Claude Gouy (it)

Laurent Dupont - Plis/sons

Plis/sons  (Folds/sounds)


This mirroring play between the sound, the material and the lights invite us to listen to the images and make us discover a hidden world…. to listen to the invisible … to this absence … to the obligatory dream of life.

Laurent Dupont
Maria Fraschina

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Nicole Rechain/Françoise Gerbaulet - performer "Passe sans Bruit"

Passe sans bruit  -  Passing without a sound


Art is labour, a long ripening, I try to progress with the seriousness of a child at play. 
Through the haïkus of "Time" written by Françoise Gerbaulet I imagined a subtle and poetic journey, made of rythmic tics  and tocs, of light, of painting, of music, of silence and of words,  to live with babies a fraction of time.
In bringing poetic texts to the stage, ones odds are placed on the language, this language  which lives within us even before we are able to speak.
I experiance this as a gift which I am entrusted with and able to present to each young mind.
They receive and transmit the gift to their respective accompanying adults.
In 2005, we pursued this poetic adventure by producing a CD/book which reunites  haïkus of Françoise.Gerbaulet: "Graines d'Etoiles" and
"Passe sans bruit" *.
Following meetings with Glitterbird in Budapest, a new creation is forseen based upon the CD with  Hanna Brotherus, dancer and director from Finland.

"Short poems for  little people"

written  by Françoise Gerbaulet
Play and direction: Nicole Rechain
Scenography: Daniel Landréau.
created in 2004 at the Festival of Avignon by the Company Point du jour
Coproduction: Glitterbird,  sponsored by DRAC Languedoc-Roussillon
Françoise Gerbaulet - writer"Passe sans Bruit"

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Petites Illuminations
(For children and people accompanying them from 8 months)

No narrative story, just a clue fitted to the roving mind of the baby, gleaning here some colours and sounds suited to put in tune his own body rocked for a long time, and there delighting himself with words, and then discovering with humour and laughing these persons looking over his cradle or else being stunned by the perfumes of the hair where his head hides when he feels carried away, taking off and ravished
Seven sequences like several opera opening airs, in introduction and homage to the vast expanse of life.
Seven instants mixing life of the child and creation of the world.
Seven short stories where a tiny event may become magical and unutterable.
Seven moments to start embracing the great theatre of life.

Multimedia creation with music, objects, automatons, images and texts.
Direction and ideation: Claude Moreau
Music: Michel Risse
Scenes and images: Michel Lagarde
Lighting: Jacques Rouveyrollis
Artistic collaboration: Anne-Françoise Cabanis

With a musician and magician-actor.
Claude Moreau

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Piero Fenati (Fr/It) - "Wunderkammer"

Sensorial and sonorous exhibition composed with five different art installations, five rooms that draw an emotional path in order to discover the origins and the substance (material) of the sound. We get through several installations and sounding machines: microcosms that tell and listen to stories; malleable and flexible sounding environment which reacts to original and direct individual acting. Each room has its own sounding and aesthetic value and therefore may be presented individually inside the kindergarten or the nursery school.

Ezio Antonelli,
Elvira Mascanzoni

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Organizer: Sanna Karlsson-Sutisna

Vesa-Petteri Asikainen - "The Wise Man"

It is a colourful, cheerful and peaceful performance designed for very young children.  The aesthetic milieu with its paintings, sculptures and sounds provides a setting for a performance without words and warm, shared intimacy between a child and an accompanying adult.

The creation is inspired by “Star Sky Temple”, which was performed in the Children Theatre Festival in Helsinki 2005. “The Journey of the Wise man” has developed to a more story based performance, which can be varied to fit to different circumstances, from bigger stages to small kinder gardens. The director and scriptwriter is the main actor (the Wise Man), Vesa-Petteri Asikainen, who has been working over twenty years with and for children. He is also the director of the theatre PerformanceSirkus. Sanna Karlsson-Sutisna’s paintings and sculpture and Keanne van de Kreeke’s Memory Eggs create the surrounding, the installation, in which the story takes place. This cross art performance contains elements from old Finnish traditions, which can especially be heard in the vocal sounds of the singer Riitta Leivo. At the end of the performance the children can go into the world of the wise Man. They are allowed to come and play with the items of the performance.

There is also a separate installation enclosed the performance.  

Manuscript and directing: Vesa-Petteri Asikainen
Music and singing: Sampsa Hallikainen
Paintings, bird and video: Sanna Karlsson-Sutisna
”Memory eggs”: Keanne van de Kreeke
Production: PerformanceSirkus


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Päivi Aura "Star Sky Temple"

Premiere mars 2005

The Star Sky Temple is a colourful, cheerful and peaceful performance designed for the very young children. This aesthetic milieu with its paintings, sculptures and sounds provides the setting for a performance without words and a warm, shared intimacy between the child and accompanying adult. The performance is based on an idea of Sanna Karlsson-Sutisna and adapted for the stage by Päivi Aura.

Keanne van de Kreeke - Memory Eggs

Vesa Petteri Asikainen - actor
Sanna Karlsson-Sutisna - visual installation

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Sanna Karlsson-Sutisna - "The Flower of Life"

The Flower of Life - Art park for under three years old and their loved ones


The park’s pleasant environment encourages babies and their families to spend time together, enjoying these pieces of art especially made for the very young, where we can play and let the imagination and feelings blossom. The materials, wood, bronze, stone etc. invite to touch the surface. Sanna Karlsson-Sutisna wants art to be part of everyday life and she hopes that this work will be an inspiration for everyone to get interested about their own roots and also the multicultural community around them.

Design and implementation: Sanna Karlsson-Sutisna, other artists: Johanna Häiväoja and Jan-Erik Andersson & Erkki Pitkäranta (Rosegarden)

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Hanna Brotherus - "Nunnu"


The work is based on the story created by Finnish writer Oili Tanninen whose books are simple and clear, but still warm and cheerful. In "Nunnu" there are five characters: one adult and four children. The emphasis is on the expression of the performers, and all elements are designed to form a whole entity, enjoyable for little children following the aesthetic principles. The choreographer of the performance is Hanna Brotherus and the composer is Antti Ikonen.

Antti lkonen -music

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Organizer: Jànos Novak

Yvette Bozsik (choreographer) - "FOUR SEASONS"

Four seasons

The Yvette Bozsik Company has prepared a series of happening spanning over the four seasons. They use modern dance and music elements and mix grotesque but also lyrical visual elements adjusting their own style to the special claims of the pointed age-group.

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Zoltán Bodnár - "TODA"

TODA (which means miracle in children’s language)

One of the primary-modern tendency of puppetry, known from children’s room, revives in this play. Klaudia Orosz’s colourful soft elements reminding us of building bricks come together and apart, form new and new shapes and the intensive acting brings the many well-known shapes alive during the transformations. The happening becomes more exciting with Hungarian folk song melodies and improvised accompaniment.

Zoltán Bodnár - "TODA"

Károly Szívós

Ágnes Török

Bea Tisza

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Attila Cicero Racz (choreographer) - "OUR YARD"

In the Forest, on the fields and in the yard

A dance play for small children in well-known parts and places to be discovered in the country house and surroundings, about smaller and bigger animals living in attics, pigsties, stables, nesting under beams and holes, hiding in sedges and broom fields. A play about wind, sun, rain, about all those things which were serious games in everyday life of our great-grandparents.

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Organizer: Annelise Arent


Shoot for the Moon – Glitterbird!

”Shoot for the moon, even if you miss you’ll land among the stars” (Quotation: Les Brown)
We follow a bird’s journey trying to reach the moon through the earth, the sea, the sun and the stars.Six artists have build a dramatical exhibition over the four elements full of light, sound and visual experiences for the small children.

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Sille Grønberg - "SELMAS DRØM"/"SELMA'S DREAM"

The project is about making a CD/babybook, which can be folded out into one long illustration. The story is the dream of a little girl. The music will be in one long piece and a bit meditative with ”words” like the babies’ language, ex. ”Baba, Mama”.

The project will also include a ”drawconcert” where all 3 musicians will play, act and draw the story/music.

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Uppercut Dancetheatre - "Shall we dance?"

A young girl is quietly playing with her toys in the space in front of a colourful patchwork background. Her toys resemble oversized, geometric pillows in many different shapes and forms. All is quiet. Soon another girl enters her space and a need for communication quickly arises !The different geometric pillows lend themselves to exploration and games. They create a bridge between the dancer’s abstract dance and their concrete play. Ideas rise – and fall. Through fantasy, laughter, teasing and small conflicts, a friendship begins to grow.

Cher Geurtze - Uppercut Danseteater

Anja Jørgensen

Tali Razga

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Benita Haastrup - "YuYa"

Yu Ya” (Denmark) 30min
Drums, Bass, Saxophone, Flute, Voice
A journey in sound, rhythm and silence
Playing music for you – playing music with you

Benita Haastrup

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Jens Skou Olsen

Christina von Bülow

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