"See my Dress" - Karstein Solli

Maybe it happens
to hear
the sound of NOTHING
in huge and mighty silence.
"See my dress" dance to double-saw, blow-fish and butter-bass?

 For you
dressed up at noon.


Installation, sound, dance and costumes create the frame in which “See my Dress” is presented. In the performance different musical instruments are being used, like double-saw, a blowing fish i.e. The installation is about 2 meter tall, and gives, together with the costumes, a playful point of departure for the performing artists, a play that, maybe, create recognition and wonder. The project is a collaboration between the different artists and tries to explore the artistic dialogue with small children and adult through a firm composition, and an interactive part, primarily outside a theatre setting.


Dancer: Marianne Skjeldal

Musician: Johannes Bergmark

Performer: Karstein Solli

Designers: Eivind Reierstad,(installation), Svein Ove Kirkhorn (costumes),

Composer: Johannes Bergmark

Concept and director: Karstein Solli


Co-producer: House of Dance, Norway – A National Stage for Dance

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