Skoftofte Socialpædagogiske seminarium/
National Institute for Social Educators

At Skovtofte, you can take a professional bachelor degree in social education. The education takes 3? years, of which 18 months are spent in placement practice in various pedagogic offers.
Skovtofte is characterized by highly project oriented teaching, which make the students active in their acquisition of knowledge and train them in interdisciplinary thinking.
In addition to this, Skovtofte has two special programmes differentiating it from other colleges. Since 2001, we have offered an athletic programme, where students with special competence in and experience of a type of sport can be admitted. Athletics has, in many ways, a good understanding of the pedagogic field; hence the students from this programme have good opportunity to get work within their field of interest.
Since 2003, we have likewise offered a music programme, where the students are required to be active musicians. In the college, these students gain a pedagogic perspective on their musical abilities and in their placement practice they are required to find a use for musical activities.
Skovtofte’s motivation for participating in project Glitterbird is that we want to attribute to the strengthening of the aesthetics of music within the pedagogic field. This, we feel, demands an increased awareness of the significance of being culturally creative and of experiencing art of a high quality. Hence, we find it important to make future social educators interested in this field, and our students in the music programme will be connected to the project as observers and discussion partners.
Skovtofte is part of the conditional CVU København og Nordsjælland.

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