(performances from 0-3 years of age)

28th OCTOBER (Friday)

9 a.m.:
Bozsik Yvette Company: „Four seasons” (Hungary) 30min
The Yvette Bozsik Company has prepared a series of happenings spanning over the four seasons. They use modern dance and music elements and mix grotesque and lyrical visual elements, adjusting their own style to the special requirements of the particular age-group.

10 a.m.
Flower of life – Art Park for under three years old and their loved ones
Opening ceremony of the Finnish exhibition

10.30 a.m.:
Rácz Attila Company : ”In the Forest, on the fields and in the yard” (Hungary) 30min
A dance play for small children about the well-known parts and places to be discovered down on the farm, about all the different sized animals living in attics pigsties, stables, nesting under beams and holes, hiding in sedges and broom fields. A play about wind, sun, rain, about all those things which were serious games in the everyday life of our great-grandparents.

11.45 a.m.:
Kolibri Theatre’s group: „TODA „(which means miracle in children’s language) (Hungary) 30min
One of the most exciting modern tendencies in puppetry, ”Childrens’ Room” is used in this play. Klaudia Orosz’s colourful, soft elements, like giant building blocks, come together and apart, forming new shapes which are brought alive by the intense acting. Hungarian Folksong melodies are improvised at the same time, making it an all the more thrilling spectacle.

14.30– 16 p.m.: OPENING CEREMONY

Welcome speach:
- János Novák Hungarian host
- Márta Schneider Phd. representing Ministry of National Cultural Heritage
- Norwegian host
- Prof. Wolfgang Schneider, president of ASSITEJ

- Gábor Bóta, theatre critic(Hungary)
” Surprises with happiness-hormones”
- Ildikó Király Phd. – Orsolya Koós Phd, psichologists (Hungary)
„Theatre for tiny tots”
- Ágnes Nyitrai Phd., pedagogue (Hungary)
„Artistic experiences in the first years of life”

29th OCTOBER (Saturday)
9 a.m.:
Un-Magritt Nordseth’s group: OUJEEIH! (Norway) 20min
A strange dance-fable starts in a nest...
a visual dance-fairytale with glittering dancers and sparkling music.
Oou! Jee! Ih!

10.30 a.m.:
Benita Haastrup’s group: „Yu Ya” (Denmark) 45min
Drums, Bass, Saxophone, Flute, Voice
A journey in sound, rhythm and silence
Playing music for you – playing music with you

11.45 p.m.:
Uppercut Dance Theatre:„Shall we dance?” (Denmark) 30min
A young girl is quietly playing with her toys in the space in front of a colourful patchwork background. Her toys resemble oversized, geometric pillows in many different shapes and forms. All is quiet. Another girl enters the space. They need to communicate!The different geometric pillows lend themselves to exploration and games, and create a bridge between the dancer’s abstract dance and their concrete play. Ideas rise – and fall. Through fantasy, laughter, teasing and small conflicts, a friendship begins to grow.

15.00-16.30 p.m.: OPEN SEMINAR

- Prof. Wolfgang Schneider, president of ASSITEJ (Germany)
“Children Need Art - A Case for Aesthetic Education and Future-oriented Cultural Policy”
- Pascal Mignon, psychoanalyst (France)
„ Rendezvous on the ponts des arts”

30th OCTOBER (Sunday)

9 a.m.:
Laurent Dupont’s group: Folds/Sounds (France) 30min
This mirroring play between the sound, the material and the lights invites us to listen to the images and make us discover a hidden world…. to listen to the invisible … to this absence … to the obligatory dream of life.

10 a.m.
“Flower of Life” Art Park Exhibition (Finland)
The Flower of Life - Art park for under three years old and their loved ones
Design and implementation: Sanna Karlsson-Sutisna, other artists: Johanna Häiväoja and Jan-Erik Andersson & Erkki Pitkäranta (Rosegarden)
The park’s pleasant environment encourages babies and their families to spend time together, enjoying these pieces of art especially made for the very young, where we can play and let the imagination and feelings blossom. The materials, wood, bronze, stone etc. invite to touch the surface. Sanna Karlsson-Sutisna wants art to be part of everyday life and she hopes that this work will be an inspiration for everyone to get interested about their own roots and also the multicultural community around them.

11.30 a.m.:
Jon Tombre’s group: „Wolf, wolf” (Norway) 25min
”WOLF, WOLF” is a performance for the very small, between 1-3 years of age.We meet a nice, but silly duck.
High up in a tree a little bird is singing. He is bored. A sly and sneaky cat is slinking in the grass.
Suddenly comes the greedy and hungry WOLF, WOLF, WOLVES.

14.30-16 p.m.: OPEN SEMINAR

- Ivar Selmer Olsen (Norway)
- János Novák, host (Hungary)
„The joy of re-discovering the world - communitas and streaming in the performances made for babies”

During the Seminar the „Flower of Life” Finnish exhibition can be seen in Kolibri Kuckó (Jókai tér 3.)